FRC-200S-1 - Steel milling machine



  • 3 times faster than a grinder to flatten weld seam
  • Preserve the working surface
  • Comfortable and easy to handle


  • Powerful: Powerful governed motor of 1 000 W @4200 Rpm to deliver constant speed for maximum cutting speed
  • Easy to guide: Metal wheels on ball bearing and visual guide to center work
  • Clean work: Precise cutting, removing only the excess material. Cutting operation creates metal chips easy to clean out
  • Precision: Cutting depth setup with large button and scale for precise work
  • Comfortable: Large handles for controlled movement/speed/path of the tool. Natural handling position even while working on the floor
  • Durable: High quality gearbox and motor provide long-life. High strength cutting tool adapted for cutting steel weld seams.
Part number5412106131 
Spindle threadSpecific 
Cutter dimensionØ50x25 Ø2x1
Cutter dimensionØ2x1Ø50x25 
Cutting speed0.3 m/min.
Cutting speed1 ft/min.
Free speed4200 rpm
Power1000 W1.34 hp
Power1.34 hp1000 W
Length295 mm11.6"
Length11.6"295 mm
Net weight6.3 kg13.2 lb
Net weight13.2 lb6.3 kg
Sound pressure83 db(A)
Sound Power94 db(A)
Vibration α (ISO-28927-1)<2.5 m/s²
Free speed air consumption1.2 l/s
Min. hose size13 mm1/2"
Min. hose size1/2"13 mm
Air inlet thread sizeRc3/8
Box dimensions300 x 390 x 250 

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